Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Training

Since my last blog posts a lot of unexpected things have happened...

1) I was offered a full-time job! 

This was excellent news and a long time coming. I am so grateful for everyone who has been encouraging me and keeping me calm over the last year. I am now a full-time college counselor at a high school! 

2) I went on a business trip! 

Yes... really. I was given the opportunity to go to a college counselor training anywhere in the country I wanted, and I chose to go to Seattle, WA. Now, there are a lot of reasons I wanted to attend the conference at the University of Puget Sound. First, a lot of the kids I work with are interested in this school. Second, my aunt, uncle and cousin, and my closest friend from high school live in Seattle. I learned a lot at the conference, and seeing my friend and family made the traveling worth it! (If you didn't know, I hate traveling). 

3) I went on a run while I was out of town! 

I never thought I would be the kind of person who exercised on "vacation." I was on a business trip, so I know it doesn't count as vacation, but it's still something out of the ordinary. My closest friend from high school drove to the University of Puget Sound to hang out with me, which was awesome. But even more awesome? She went on a run with me! We went on the most beautiful run with views of Mt. Rainier. Afterwards, we were able to celebrate with some fresh fish and chips! 

View from the running path

Running selfie with Mt. Rainier in the background
4) I went to ADPi Grand Convention!

I traveled to Scottsdale, AZ at the end of June to attend convention as an advisor for my sorority. As an advisor, it is my role to mentor the women currently in the chapter and support them in any way I can, while making sure they are acting within the rules. Arizona in June is HOT, and I don't really recommend visiting at that time, but there was a pretty sweet waterslide at the resort that was fun. Unfortunately, I was not able to exercise in Scottsdale for a variety of reasons. We were in meetings for most of the day, from about 8am-midnight. Also, it was between 100-120 degrees every day, so that eliminated running outside. The good news is that I got all my steps everyday since the resort was massive. 

5) I ran a 10K! 

Yesterday, casually on a training run, I ran 6.3 miles without stopping! I couldn't believe it and was so proud of myself. I ended up going 7.05 miles in total. It wasn't a formal race, but now I know that I can complete a real 10K. 


Do you want to know something crazy? I don't feel like a runner. I mean, I know that I run, and I am capable of running, and it's something that I do 2-3 times a week. However, when people say: are you a runner? I don't feel like I fit in to that mold. My pre-conceived notion of a runner is someone who is: thin, strong, has great hair, wears shorts, and has killer calf muscles. I have great hair, but that's just about the only thing I really identify with from that list. I'm working to reconstruct my idea of a runner so I can fit in to that mold. If anyone has any advice on this I'd be more than happy to hear what you have to say.

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